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Residential HVAC Alteration Projects

HERS Verification for Furnace, Air Conditioning or Duct System Alterations Only

Residential New Construction and Additions

HERS Verification for Newly Built Homes, Remodels with additional square feet added with or without a Registered CF1R

Non-Residential and Multi-Family Projects

HERS Verification for Commercial systems normally up to 5 Tons and for Multi-Family Projects

HERS Rater Field Verification and Diagnostic Testing

Energy Raters, Inc. performs HERS Rater field verification and diagnostic testing for compliance with California's Title 24 (part 6) mandatory measures. HERS Requirements are triggered when a new furnace, air conditioner or duct system is installed or altered. Your Building Department will require a CF1R to be registered with a HERS Provider prior to issuing a permit. Energy Raters, Inc. is a State Certified special inspector Lic#CC2006333. We conduct our HERS Inspections as an independent third-party representing the Homeowner or Builder hiring a sub-contractor.

2016 Title 24 - Home Energy Rater Inspection Mandatory HERS Measures

Duct Leakage TestDuct Testing / Sealing - New Duct Systems must be sealed to 5% or less Total Leakage. Existing Duct Systems are allowed to leak up to 15%. This HERS Requirement is used to determine the amount of conditioned air that is lost through leaky duct work. The leakage is measured by the HERS Rater and recorded on the State HERS Registry. The Compliance Form CF3R will be issued by the HERS Rater if the Duct Leakage meets Title 24 Standards.

Measure HVAC System Airflow

Airflow - HVAC Systems that include air conditioning require HERS Raters to measure and record the actual Airflow in cooling mode. 2016 Title 24 Standards are 350 CFM/Ton Minimum Airflow for new Duct Systems. For existing Duct Systems 300 CFM/Ton is allowable. Low airflow may cause service issues and performance problems. The CF3R Compliance Form will be issued if measured airflow meets or exceeds the minimum requirements.

Fan Efficacy Watt DrawFan Efficacy / Watt Draw - Along with measuring the Airflow of your HVAC System the HERS Rater will also be measuring the Watt Draw of the indoor fan. 2016 Title 24 Standards allows .56 Watts/CFM. This measure is to determine if the indoor fan is working efficiently and if the Duct System is adequate for the size of HVAC Equipment installed. The HERS Rater can issue the CF3R if Fan Watt Draw is within the 2016 Title 24 Standards.

Refrigerant Charge VerificationRefrigerant Charge Verification - HERS Raters must have an EPA Certificate to perform this measure. 2016 Title 24 Standards require a HERS Verification of Refrigerant Charge on any new or altered air conditioning equipment. This is to ensure the Air Conditioner was installed properly and will perform to the manufacturers specifications. HERS Raters perform a series of tests to determine the system is accurately charged. Certificate of Compliance will be issued if the air conditioning system is charged to manufactures specifications. This measure is only required in certain Climate Zones.

CalCERTS.comCompliance Certificates - Energy Raters, Inc. helps Homeowners and Contractors complete the permit process by processing the required Compliance Forms. Your project will need to be registered with the California Energy Commission; CEC through a HERS Provider like CalCERTS, Inc.

HERS Measures are required under 2016 Title 24 by all building departments in the State of California. These Compliance Forms must be electronically signed by the HERS Rater and a Responsible Party. Certificate Approvals can be done by the HVAC Installer, Homeowner or General Contractor. The Responsible Party can register at

For Remodeling Projects, your project should be in a finished (Move-In Ready) state. There can be no wet paint, registers should be installed and access to all supply and return locations is needed for Duct Testing. Other trades may be on site during the HERS Testing, but not painting, sanding drywall or floors. Furnace circuit must be labeled and power supplied to the new equipment. System completely installed is ready for testing at Final Test-Out Stage. Rough Test-In option should be used only if your building inspector or other entity requires HERS Testing during the Rough Stage of construction. Any remodel with over 1000 Sq. Ft. added must be treated as New-Construction with a General Contractor and persons completing your Title 24 Calculations involved to transfer the project including Load Calculations to Energy Raters.  All work completed must match the original Title 24 CF1R to ensure timely delivery of your compliance certificates.

4. If your project includes a new duct system with an air conditioning system installed, new or existing, additional HERS Measures may be required.

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